scents & aromas

IMG_20130514_154720‘Nothing evokes memory like a fragrance from our youth’ – Vogue

Recently, I stopped dead in the middle of the street when a smell so familiar hit me in a wave of nostalgic memory.

I turned around to find a wall covered in clematis – and I could have stood there all day taking in the sweet scent of the flower that only blossoms for around two weeks in a year. Either that or curling up into a ball on the floor.. I think the former would be slightly more normal however.

To me, the smell of clematis means childhood, a time of safety and happiness. I find it so fascinating that I remember so well a scent that I was only surrounded by for 2 weeks in a year, for the first 10 years of my life, and only presented itself when I entered and exited my house via the front door.

Something about smells trigger memories, and with that emotions. Associations can be made from the simplest things – the smell of a house might instantly link to a grandparent, and your feelings towards them. The power of smell is more than you would instantly think it was.

This blog is primarily about design, so how does this link?

I think when a house smells a certain way, it completely changes the way it is perceived. I don’t think ‘perfect design’ is of paramount importance. So many factors come together to create a home that looks and feels amazing. With that comes aesthetics, scents, textures, light, colour, innovation… anything that is personal.

The way a home feels is what makes it full of character – and scents from the past can aid a house in making it feel like a home.

So, what memories are evoked from the fragrances of your past?


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