my favourites…

I have decided to add in a new dimension to my blog..

Once a week, I’d like to put together a list of my favourite things from that week. Whether that be my favourite new wallpaper range, my favourite flower display or even my favourite food recipe. Inspiration can come from anywhere after all…

MY FAVOURITE… bathroom paint colour

Purple is such a great colour for a bathroom. Gone are the days of aqua, blue and various shades of white. Say hello to glamour, luxury and indulgence. The bathroom is not only a sanitary place of cleanliness, but a sanctuary, a place for relaxation and pampering.

Doesn’t this bathroom look like a place you’d want to spend some ‘me’ time?

MY FAVOURITE… hairstyle

The loose plait is not only a great way to pull back your sunkissed locks as we say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn into our lives, but is also a reminder of how good it is to see a variation of texture.

As the autumn season approaches, we’ll start to see people wrapping up in scarves and woolly jumpers, layering clothes and adding texture into their wardrobe. We can do the same in our home, by bringing in knitted blankets and throws for a cosy night in on the sofa and contrasting it with silky smooth cushions, and adding a textured rug onto the hard wood floors.


“beauty catches your attention, while personality captures the heart”

We all know that in relationships, personality comes before looks. But this is true of design also. While we can create perfect-looking interiors, it is so important to inject a bit of personality into the design. We can all appreciate things that look nice, but to truly fall in love with them… personal touches are a must!


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