my favourites…

Here we are again, it’s time for my weekly favourites (although I failed last week due to being ill.. but we’ll ignore that! I’ll do two this week to make up for it..)

MY FAVOURITE… Craft inspiration

‘Homemade Gifts With Love’ by Catherine Woram is an amazing little collection of hands-on tasks to inspire and excite you to get creative. From edible delights, to children’s toys.. egg cosies, to homemade bunting.. nothing is left uncovered and each task is simple and easy to follow – even for those who aren’t used to making things!

Some of the projects would make great little gifts.. so why not think about adding a homemade gift to your Christmas or Birthday presents this year to add a personal touch?

MY FAVOURITE… Online shop

When I want some design inspiration or just a little gander at things I want to fill my future (and non-existent) home with, I head to Cox & Cox. Filled with quirky home accessories, great gift ideas and beautiful photography.. it never fails to disappoint. That is, until you look at what you have ‘accidentally’ put in your online basket and the price tag that comes with wanting to purchase so much of it…

MY FAVOURITE… Film of the week

Yes, I know it’s not exactly a recent film, but all week I have been craving Pearl Harbour. Why? I don’t know. It makes me weep, sob, cry.. and every other word you will find in the thesaurus for this verb.. none of these things are particularly appealing but I wanted to watch it so much, I bought it. Seeing history come alive in a modern film reiterated my love for the past, and my appreciation for how it has affected the present and the future. It is no secret I am one of those people who thrives from giving life back into forgotten things – things from around the home, old clothes you thought you were done with – and this film just made me look at objects around me, actually making me yearn for more vintage items in my home, making me never want to get rid of the chest of drawers I fought with my parents about having years ago (I wanted something new, they said I had to make the best of what we had..), making me want to go do something with the piece of wood we have in the loft with war-time scrawls on it…

What have been your favourite things this week? And your biggest inspirations..?









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