my favourites…

November is here.. and it is officially winter! After weeks of unusually warm November weather (so typically British!) the frost has finally fallen and conversation about heating and the temperature fill the air! To pay tribute to this, I am going to do a ‘My Favourites’ on winter home accessories. Get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. and share with me your ‘must have’ items for this season..

MY FAVOURITE… Winter Home Accessory No.1






The hurricane lamp is quite possibly one of the best accessories for any time of the year – but in winter, it gets to shine bright and become the centre of attention in any room! They come in different shapes, colours and styles, can be filled with decorative beads, sand and garlands, and are the perfect home for your favourite pillar candles..

MY FAVOURITE… Winter Home Accessory No.2





…and to go with the hurricane lamp? Candles. But these aren’t just any old candles. These are the Glolite candles from Partylite – not the cheapest money can buy but they have something a little special about them. You know how a candle usually glows where the flame is at the top of the wick? Well these Glolite candles have a special technology that makes them glow the whole way down. So not only are they decorative candles, but they create an extra light source, as well as emitting a lovely soft fragrance that fills the room they’re in. I am in love with mine! Mmmmmm….

MY FAVOURITE… Winter Home Accessory No.3








Are logs an accessory? Absolutely! What says ‘winter’ more than a wood burning stove? We all love open fires and the heat of large flames – but what about those of us who don’t have the luxury of owning such thing? Logs can be used purely for decorative purposes, and it is so easy to make a feature out of them. Take this log carrier for example: fill it with chopped wood and display it somewhere in the home to create a cosy feeling. Or, if you have a spare shelf in a bookcase, or an empty alcove – do the same there! There’s something so appealing about lots of texture during the winter months, so bring it in – in every way, shape and form!


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