a personal touch

I am all about letting the home reflect the owner – I think allowing your personality to shine gives that finishing touch to a design scheme. It’s what takes a room from being vacant, to engaged. A room that is lived in and loved, and not just there

I love to try and add a little ‘touch of me’ in any room I inhabit, and if you don’t know how to do this; here’s one of my ideas…

It’s been over 8 years since I stopped dancing but ballet will always be a part of me – I couldn’t face parting with my shoes so instead? I fastened them to my wall. IMG_2570

They are just attached via the ribbons and hang beneath one of Degas’ dance prints. An element of my personality and childhood leaking into my space with a personal and unique touch.

It really is a simple and effective way of both clinging onto an element of my past and displaying that in my room, as well as adding a decorative little something in an unusual way to catch the eye and spark a question from anyone who sees it.

There are endless ways you can adapt this idea to something personal to you. How about framing one of your favourite pages of a book, creating a collage of memories or decoupaging a vase or tabletop with old scraps you have kept for sentimental reasons?

Whatever your idea – give it a try. Minimal effort can give maximum results, and you might be surprised to see what you come up with!


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