use and reuse: storage solutions

If you’re like me, you have lots of bits and bobs that you’ve collected over the years but if you don’t find somewhere safe to put them, you know they’ll just go missing!

I have a sewing box with everything in it you’d expect to find there – but I just have too many buttons and too many threads to squeeze in without them getting in a tangle with a pair of scissors and a pin cushion.

Queue my storage solution that looks pretty enough to keep on a shelf out of the sewing box and is made from something you may have spare in your kitchen..

Storage IdeasThese clip-top jars come in a variety of sizes, aren’t costly, and with the bright colours of buttons and threads they look decorative too. I usually keep these on a shelf next to others absolutely jam-packed with buttons! You can colour code them, or make them as multi-coloured as you like! You can even use them to store things for card making or gardening – or fill them with hair bobbles or bracelets to help de-clutter your dressing table!



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