styling room by room: hallway

Sometimes in a hallway, there isn’t a lot to style. For general home styling – whether that be for selling a house or something else – you want to create a bit of interest in this space and add a bit of light. Mirrors can be a great way to do this.

But when styling for photographic purposes, the aim and the outcome are a little different, and styling for photography is my main focus here so I will explore that.

A hallway in your average home is not the most exciting space. It doesn’t tend to inspire people, or even be an area in the home that you’d give a second thought. But they spark ideas for me. They are spaces to ignite creativity and give you the ability to just go a little bit wild in them. You can do whatever you want!

The basic rules still apply though. Anything you have in the frame has to make sense. The room – while not always considered an actual room – still has a purpose, so don’t go putting a dining room table in it!

It’s difficult to do a step by step “how to style” for this space. It’s so open, and so dependant on each individual hallway. Some have nooks and crannies that can be filled with furniture or custom made items, some have original period quirks that need highlighting by whatever else you put in there.. They are all so different! So for this room, I’m going to put up some photos I found showing the potential of this kind of space.

It’s definitely an area I want to do myself in the near future..

colbalt-blue-and-white-hallway-ideal-home-housetohome Cream-Christmas-Hallway-Ideal-Home-Housetohome Grey-Hallway-storage-Ideal-Home-Housetohome hallway27 hallway-history-1109-de country living hallway-wood-table-console-home-organizing Julia-hallway stairs-storage


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