secrets of styling

I recently assisted the styling of a photo shoot at St David’s Hotel in Cardiff Bay, using one of the hotel suites as a stage to showcase the new fabric collection – Riviera – for Sunbury Design.

I wanted to share this sooner but couldn’t use the photos until the collection was out. So after much anticipation, I am finally able to post this blog. Below you’ll find a selection of the photos that are now featured one the website (

I have mentioned before that styling is an illusion. Photos are staged and created for each individual shot. By checking out the hotel website and looking at the existing rooms first, you’ll get a better idea of what I mean. The decor in the suite we used was fairly neutral, with heavy dark brown curtains at the windows and brown throws/cushions on the bed.

I wanted to show on here a kind of ‘before and after’ of the room to give an insight into just how much of a transformation a space goes under when styling interiors. For this shoot, a false headboard was made in one of the Riviera fabrics which fit over the top of the existing one, we took down the curtains and hung others in their place showing three more of the fabrics from the collection, and also brought in different furniture and a selection of cushions and throws.

Take a look at the finished result..









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