festive favourites…

Now.. I know the festive season is practically over now – in just a few days we have to take down all the trimmings and put the glittering lights and the sparkling decorations away for another year – but I said I’d do a festive favourite of the best crackers, stockings and wreaths.

Who knows, if you like any of them, you might be able to pick something up in the January sales and save them for next year!


4249_1My family is one of those that goes crazy for board games over the Christmas period – so what more could you want than a board game IN a cracker to play after your Christmas Dinner? Cluedo is one of the classics, managing to make an appearance in my house many times, in three different forms: the classic board game, the super cluedo version, and the cluedo card game. I would not be upset to introduce a fourth way to play..

So, will it be Miss Scarlett? In the Dining Room? With the Spanner? You’ll only find out if you play…

(If Cluedo is not the game for you, it also comes in a Scrabble version and Monopoly)


normal_houseA lover of the good old Christmas jumper will appreciate a hand knitted stocking like this. Coming in four different colourways with the choice to have either the three kings, a snowman, a snowflake or – what I like to imagine is – a gingerbread house (as opposed to a normal house..) as shown above,  there is one to suit everyone. These stockings just want to be hung by a fireplace, and I don’t think there would be anyone upset to receive one of these full of presents.


whisky500X703A homemade wreath! Ok.. I’m not suggesting you put mini bottles of spirits on your wreath – I just thought the tiny bottles were rather cute! This wreath is just the perfect example of something classic, mixed with something personal and rather different. The best way to get the best wreath is to make your own! Adorn it with mini baubles, or create a natural theme and use festive dried fruit and berries. Alternatively, go down a more ‘winter-wonderland’ route and spray some fake snow onto a wreath made of twigs. You can literally do anything with these! And if the traditional route is not the one you want to go down, check out these homemade paper wreaths made at Homemade London: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=313943478632183&set=a.146683048691561.28164.143069925719540&type=1&theater

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed starting the New Year!


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