festive favourites…

So the festive season is upon us.. and while I might have been the only person waiting for this since September – it is FINALLY acceptable to talk about Christmas, sing Christmas songs, reminisce about past festivities, eat advent calendar chocolate and plan everything for the whole season!

To celebrate – I am going to do as many festive favourites as I can between now and December 25th… with a few added in for New Year towards the end of the month.

So.. here goes…

MY FAVOURITE… Festive Window Display

Tiffany_01-window_2070275aTiffany & Co is well-known for making beautiful jewellery – but who knew they could also create such beautiful window displays? Now, I’m not saying it’s the most innovative window I’ve ever seen (although I do think shop window design has moved on a lot since the 1987 film Mannequin – seen it? Selfridges definitely have a fab design team FYI. Next time you’re in London, check that out!) but doesn’t it just scream ‘Christmas’? There’s something about carousels and snow that just seem perfect for this season – they have a bit of The Nutcracker about them. And Narnia actually. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, this is my favourite festive window display of the moment. Fact.

MY FAVOURITE… Festive Activity

_NutcrackerBallet_rdax_250x262Now, it’s common knowledge that when the festivities begin, so does the pantomime season. And while I love a bit of ‘he’s behind you’, I get much more enjoyment from watching a good old ballet. And what better to see at this time of year than The Nutcracker? I have probably seen this ballet at least three times in my life.. and I think a fourth time is due. I have seen The National Ballet costumes for this production and they are simply stunning! So as well as getting to dazzle your eyes with princess-like costumes, you get to lose yourself in a wonderful world, with beautiful dancing, in a story that never gets old. Why not check out local ballet companies that might be touring near you this December? You will not regret it..

MY FAVOURITE… Festive Magazine Issue

calendar-2This is really just a shameless plug for the magazine I helped with back in September. And it links nicely with what I just mentioned: the ballet. On sale 7th December, the January edition of the magazine will give you even more festive treats than the last issue – including an exclusive look at ballet costumes used in The National Ballet (the photo shoot of which I was a part of..) as well as a look at the best crackers, wreaths and stockings you can buy this season. I’ll definitely be taking inspiration from that – there are some AMAZING crackers I just have to share with the world..


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