is creativity underrated?

With sites such as Pinterest really soaring on the internet, and tonnes of different craft magazines being launched every month, creativity is being thrown at us left, right and centre. There are loads of simple ideas on how to turn a jar into a vase, or make something beautiful and meaningful out of a piece of card and a can of spray paint. The idea that anyone can be creative with these simple ideas means that more and more people are picking up the glue stick and attempting to make something they never have before. It is true. Anyone CAN be creative. It’s wonderful actually.. I love that this is happening. But sometimes I think that while everyone can DO these things, not everyone can THINK these things without someone having done it before them. There has to be someone in the first place with the great idea. The simple idea that allows everyone to join in. It is sometimes the thinking that is the hardest part. Harder than the doing. And it’s this that gets overlooked. This is why creativity is underrated. The idea that anyone can be creative is great… but actually, does everyone have the ability to think so far outside that box that something NEW comes from it?

I don’t know if it’s just me that thinks this; but true creativity cannot be taught. I think it just is. Yes, people can be taught how to draw, how to paint, how to arrange a collage, how to sew. But teaching the thought-process behind coming up with fresh ideas is a lot harder. It’s something you have to awaken within you. Something you have to dig deep to find. I do believe everyone can have this, I just think that not everyone searches for it. True creatives need the credit they deserve, because it IS special. It’s rare, it’s different, and in it’s purest form, it is simply amazing.

It’s something that has the power to bless others, it allows personalities to shine, it is daring to be different and allowing the mind to roam freely. No limits. It is doing the same thing over and over again but making it fresh and different each time, and trusting your instincts to produce that one thing that’s exciting; that one thing that’s worthwhile. It’s adapting the rules to suit the situation, and above all, it’s the ability to be able to express yourself freely. So freely your wings can spread to their fullest, and soar.

Awaken the creative in you and see what you find. Go on, I dare you..

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One thought on “is creativity underrated?

  1. I agree, i think everyone has the potential to be creatively gifted. As you say it is within the person, but the creative thought it hard to find sometimes and the thought process is a lot harder to conquer. Sometimes its not in the thought process it is about experimenting and finding what it is your trying to creative. Either way the process is fulfilling. What a lovely read.

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