styling and editing photos..

styling and editing photos..

No one ever really tells you how to do this. Yes I learnt the Photoshop basics and all about how to use a camera and lighting… but sometimes that’s not enough. You can set the white balance, sort out your aperture, style what’s in the frame, and snap away. Sometimes you can be pleased with the results you see there and then. But how do you know if you’re making a photo better or worse when editing?
I always look at the histogram so that the photo remains ‘good quality’, but sometimes I’m not sure if I’ve made an improvement, or if what’s in the shot is even well framed.
I set this photo up as I wanted to capture my grandmother’s engagement ring surrounded by things that remind me of her. The first shot is unedited; the second has a gaussian blur filter so that the ring is the focus, and I have tweaked the curves. I’m not sure if it’s much of an improvement..
What do you think?
Is photography something that can be learned or do you think it is in-built?
I wonder the same thing about styling.. I love setting things up for shoots, but do people see in the photo what I see through the lens?
I’m going to look more into this and make styling and photography a bit of a focus over the next couple of months..
Let me know what you think on the matter


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